Real Estate Photography & Solutions

Real Estate Photography & Solutions

Great photography will give your listings better exposure, increasing interest, driving traffic, and bring in offers.

Prepping Your Home for Professional Real Estate Photography

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When getting your client’s property ready for professional photography things can get a little overwhelming. Using the list below will help make sure nothing is missed and things will go smoothly when your photographer arrives.

  1. Remove all vehicles from the driveway

  2. Put away garden hoses, tools, bikes, and other objects that could clutter your yard

  3. Make sure grass is freshly mowed

  4. Move trash bins out of site

  5. Make all beds and tidy bedrooms and living spaces

  6. Clear off counters in kitchens and bathrooms (a few well-placed items are acceptable)

  7. Straighten pillows on couches, towels in bathrooms and kitchen, lampshades and picture frames/art on walls

  8. Remove refrigerator clutter (magnets, calendars, etc.) and other personal items around the house

  9. Turn OFF all ceiling fans. 

  10. Open all blinds and curtains.

  11. Make sure all light bulbs are working and replace as necessary. For best results, use a consistent type of light bulb in each room. 

  12. Remove all evidence of pets (bedding, crates, food bowls).

  13. Conceal cords from lamps and electronics

  14. Dust furniture, clean glass, and polish all stainless steel surfaces. 

One last thing is to ask your photographers opinion. Sometimes a room may look perfect but an item or two might be in the way for the photos and should be moved.

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