Real Estate Photography & Solutions

Real Estate Photography & Solutions

Great photography will give your listings better exposure, increasing interest, driving traffic, and bring in offers.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

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1. It’s Professional.

As a real estate professional, your top priority should be delivering outstanding service to your clients to grow your brand. Hiring a professional photographer shows your clients that you are serious about marketing their home.  

2. It Makes Your Client Feel Special.

I’ve seen the way people’s eyes light up when I start setting up my gear, and I can tell you that proud homeowners love to have their home professionally photographed. For the time the photographer is there they get to feel like HGTV stars. It’s exciting for them and that reflects big time on you! 

3. It Builds Confidence.

Homeowners may already be a little discouraged by the fact that roughly 6% of their home’s selling price is going to someone else. When an agent starts snapping photos with their phone, I would bet a good amount of money that the homeowner has a slight nervous feeling and is thinking, “I could have done that.” You do not want your client to feel that way if you ever hope to build a solid reputation.

4. Go Beyond, “Good Enough.”

You have to do everything you can to market you client’s home in a competitive environment. With more and more people turning to online searches before they even contact an agent, making sure your property has a great online presence with amazing photography.

5. Get the Attention of Better Clients.

Would you feel better listing 10 homes that are filthy, falling apart, and infested with roaches or one immaculate multi-million dollar estate? Do you want to be the foreclosure queen or the new development go-to girl? I’m not an agent, but I suppose these might be things to think about when starting out. Personally, I would want listings from people who took care of their homes and were proud of them.

The way you present yourself will dictate what type of clients you get. I had a friend back in Florida that did the majority of the high-end homes in the downtown area. She used a professional photographer for every listing and people knew that if they used her, their home was going to be properly represented to the outside world. 

Better doesn’t always mean high-end though. There are plenty of people with average houses that take pride in decorating and making their home look and feel as pleasant as they can. These people will also want their home to be represented properly and will be excellent referrers of the agent that made them look good to buyers.

Why not show your client’s and your future client’s what you are going to do for them and win more listings with professional real estate photography?

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